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Vegan Resources/Factsheets/Essays/Blogs (Nutrition & Ethics)

Articles about veganism, factsheets, essays, documentaries/videos or related blog-sites for the purposes of outreach and informative commentary collected by David Catherine


* "B12 and the Vegan Diet: All You Need To Know About Vitamin B12 in Vegetarian and Vegan Diets" by Dr Justine Butler:

* "Vitamin B12: Are you getting it?"

* "The Vitamin B12 Issue" by Dr Gina Shaw:

* "Vitamin B12 Importance" by Dr Gabriel Cousens:

* "What every vegan should know about vitamin B12" by Stephen Walsh Ph.D:


* "The Protein Myth: Why vegetarian and vegan diets contain all the protein that you need" by Amanda Woodvine, BSc Nutrition:

* "Vegan Protein Sources" by Thomas Stearns Lee:

* "Protein in the Vegan Diet" by Reed Mangels:

* "Protein"

* "Quinoa: A Great Vegetarian Protein Source":

* "The Queen of Protein, Quinoa!"

* "Hemp Protein" by Jennifer Walker, BSc (Nutr.):


* "Ironing out the facts: Why plant iron is best" by Dr Justine Butler:

* "Iron in the Vegan Diet" by Reed Mangels:

* "Iron"


* "Boning up on Calcium! Why Plant Calcium is Best" by Dr Justine Butler:

* "Calcium":

* "Are you getting too much calcium?" by Micki Misiaszek, RD, LDN:

* "Health risks from excessive calcium" by the National Institute of Health:


* Vegan Ethics (various booklets)

* Abolitionist Approach (pamphlet)

* "The Dark Side of Dairy"

* "Environmental Degradation"

* "Greenhouse Emissions and exacerbated Climate Change"

* "UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet"

* "Expanding Our Compassion Footprint: Minding Animals As We Redecorate Nature" by Marc Bekoff:

* "Why 'Good Welfare' Isn't 'Good Enough': Minding Animals and Increasing Our Compassionate Footprint" by Marc Bekoff:

* "The Problem of the 'Welfarist' Approach: The 'humane' myth of effectively regulating ongoing abuse"

* "Minding the Animals: Ethology and the Obsolescence of Left Humanism" by Dr Steve Best:

* "Revolutionary Environmentalism: An Emerging New Struggle for Total Liberation" by Dr Steve Best:

* "The Misleading Language of Species-ism" by Joan Dunayer (intro by David Catherine):

* "First Strike: The Connection Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence"

* "Empathy is What Really Sets Vegetarians Apart (at least Neurologically Speaking)" by Daniel R. Hawes:

* "Rational Ignorance and Rational Irrationality" by Dan Cudahy


* "The Comparative Anatomy of Eating" by Milton R. Mills (MD):

* "A-Z Of Hidden Nasties! Alphabetical Glossary of Animal Substances" by Juliet Gellatley, Director of VVF and Laura Scott, MSc Nutrition:

* "The Safety of Soya" by Dr Justine Butler, VVF Senior Health Campaigner:

* Vegan Factsheets (various):


* "Unpopular Vegan Essays" by Dan Cudahy:

* "Abolitionist Animal Rights" by James Crump:

* "Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach" by Gary Francione:

* "On Human-Nonhuman Relations: A Sociological Exploration of Speciesism" by Roger Yates:

* "My Face Is on Fire: Abolitionist vegan education, animal rights issues and the misrepresentation of veganism in pop culture or mainstream media":

* "Thomas Paine's Corner: Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable" (various authors/editors):

* "Vegetarianism, Environmentalism, Animal Rights, and Social Theory" by Dr Steve Best:

* "The Earth Blog: Giving The Earth A Future " by Keith Farnish:

* "The Permavegan: A conversation at the intersection of plant-based nutrition, permaculture, and vegan ethics" by Jonathan Maxson:


* "Earthlings" (3 trailers, plus full version)

* "Meet Your Meat"

* "The Milk Documentary"

* "Dr. Jay Gordon: No one needs meat for health"

* The Witness" (trailer excerpt)

* "The Witness" (full version)

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