Thursday, November 13, 2008

To get another one or not!

I was thinking the other day about Chewie and how we will handle a trip to India. There are 2 options. Take him with us and get worried on the flight and also bug the people we might stop over with, in any of the stop over cities(NY, london). Or leave him with someone here:).

The option of leaving him here for a month is quite heartbreaking, but can be made a bit better by getting him some company. Atleast then they will have each others company and feel at home.But we might have a tough time when we do want to take them to India. 2 dogs on a flight!!

So i am still thinking!! thinking!!... though there is still time to make that india trip, but i am starting to love the idea of 2 dogs..! more the merrier! thinking .. thinking...


  1. Hey! When are you in India? Any chance you will make a trip to Blr?

  2. i dont know yet.. we r planning a short trip to cal nov end.. lets see how that one goes then will decide on india dates..i dont think i will go anywhere except ngp or surat though.. i m sure i will be down with tummy trouble:)