Monday, June 23, 2008

hmm 3

hmm looks like not many ppl are reading my blog...! if you are then leave some comments!

here are some new things happening this side of the world
- summer is almost here, yey! but the weather is still oscillating between warm and cold.. yuck.. not good for my allergies
- my head doesnt seem to have any numb spots anymore.. yey!..that means that now i feel everything that hits my head..
- my eye opens a lot now. probably 80% of its earlier state.. now i have to figure out which angle will work best for a good photograph
- i am finally shedding some of the pounds from last year. moms food + limited exercise = lots of pounds.. though i miss mom and her food:(


  1. Great to know you are recovering well. BTW, I do read your posts!


  2. thanks nagendra..good to know that my blog is being read!!

  3. Reading a blog post after long time :) and hence no comments. I think in general people have stopped writing/ reading personal blogs :)

    Chewey has been an awesome addition to the family and he is adorable :) and it does bring out the "Dad" in lovey :)


  4. Hi Richa :)

    It's Irish Ciarán!

    I just had a really weird feeling that you would have a new blog up.

    My eye is now open maybe 50% :-) I'm seeing the neuro-opthamoligist tomorrow (excuse my spelling)

    Glad to hear you are getting batter and I hope it continues :-)

    Thanks for all your earlier advice again!

  5. yes, the dad has to be trained to be a little less hazardous for really tiny kids, so this is a good training time for him..:)

    hey ciaran,. great to hear from u..
    50% already is good:).. hope things get all well sooon for u!! we probably have a psychic connection;)

  6. Came across your blog just today - keep posting, we'll keep reading :)