Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recovery Update

My right eye now opens up about three-fourths of the normal. It fluctuates between half and 3/4th. So still some more time to go. The numbness on the forehead is slowly going away and I can actually move my eyebrows. My appetite is back, so i am gobbling up every 2-3 hours. My energy levels also fluctuate. On good days i can take upto 3-4 hours of driving( viveks driving:)) some walking outside, half an hour in the kitchen etc. Online time is still restricted to about an hour a day because the right eye interferes with what i see now. To read for longer hours, I need to wear an eye patch:)

I had a spell of dizzyness for 3-4 days this week, went to the ER and got some tests and finally no one knew why i was getting dizzy. We are trying to treat all possible things from low BP to some random infections and it seems to be working. The dizzyness is better today. I hope it remains that day coz dizzyness is verryyyy irritating and sometimes scary.


  1. Wow, mixed news-- I'm thrilled you're progressing overall so much; that really is great! -- but I wish you didn't have to deal with the other frustrations like dizziness. Any unknown while you're making such good progress has to be scary, and I wish you didn't have to deal with it.

    Take your time and listen to your body (I know you know these things, people like me say it to feel like we're saying something helpful :S). But seriously, I hope the goods keep on outweighing the downs.


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  3. Hope you are feeling better. Don't push yourself too hard.

  4. thanks joe and david. I am trying to be +ve about all the unknowns:

    i probably have to live with this intoxicated kind of state for some more weeks.